Online AGM Proposed on 25.12.2020 at 11AM . The link shall be sent to all whatsup groups before 20.12.2020

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Date : 08th December 2020

Greetings from BHELOHCS!!!

Online AGM Proposed on 25.12.2020 at 11AM . The link shall be sent to all whatsup groups before 20.12.2020

Date : 06th October 2020

Greetings from BHELOHCS!!!

Request members , to inform to the committee vide mail by 23.10.2020 , w.r.t any issue with their respective site like marking stone, water pipe line, drainage pit & road….etc . We have already taken up the following sites with M/s MSK NV2-21, NV3-5, B3P1B-23 & B2P1-24. We will try to solve the developmental issues related to respective site at the earliest by 31.12.2020.

Date : 30th September 2020

Greetings from the committee !!!!

We would like to inform that, out of 810 sites , 750 sites are registered and only 60 sites are pending for registration, which is less than 10% .

As per the karnataka Government Rules , Last 10% of sites shall be released after obtaining NOC from various departments like BESCOM, PWD,HORTICULTURE, KUWSSB and PANCHAYAT.

Once we obtain these certificates, sites will be released for registration. We are putting maximum efforts in getting them .

Once we get these clearances, we will call you for registration , which may be tentatively by 31.12.2020

Thanking You.

Executive Committee of BHEL-OHCS.

Nandi View Layout


An appeal and request to all the members of this society and site owners to start construction of houses in the layout and make the layout with living habitat. This will ensure protection of the sites against unauthorized occupation and usage of club facilities and activities can be kept live instead of leaving idle structure.

Members are coming forward to construct the houses. Already the second house has come up and a family is staying since March 2020.

Members are requested to construct houses at the earliest to ensure Electricity, Water and drainage connections. Further To increase the Return on Investment, it is suggested that, the site owners nearer the club house may construct guest house and rent it out to club agency , whereby monthly returns will be earned out of it.

All the members are requested to update/regularise the following :

Date : 25th September 2020

Greetings from BHELOHS Committee

We are glad to inform that, many of the members are responding to the request of the society by making payment towards club membership and one-year maintenance charges. We appreciate for timely payment, support, and confidence on BHEL-OHCS Committee. It was learnt that some members are still having uncertainty in paying the maintenance charges due to fixation of Rs.4/Sft for the period of one year and club membership fee, as stipulated in our earlier letter.

We would like to clarify as below:

a) Any decision where price/cost implication is involved, no anonymous decision made by the committee. With due respect to AGM (Annual General Body Meeting) which is supreme authority, such proposals are put forth and approved in the AGM.

b)We would like to inform that it is the responsibility of every individual members of the society to attend the AGM. Any objections/clarification/queries has to be raised only in AGM, failing which individual queries of the members cannot be entertained through email or any other media.

c)It was informed in our earlier AGM about the maintenance contract being expired on 30.11.2018 and further maintenance agency to be fixed to take care of the upkeep of the layout, providing security and payment of electricity….. etc, and an indicative figure of Rs.4/Sft/year was informed. Further, it was informed to members for formation of Residential Welfare Association (RWA) as per the act prevailing in the state. We regret to inform that no members/group came forward with RWA until this date.

d) Since no coherence decision from the members of the society in forming RWA, the layout up keep and maintenance was effected and security of the sites are at risk. It may please be noted that once the sites are registered in the name of members, the obligation of security/protection of site and the maintenance committed was expired, it is owner’s responsibility to take care and society shall not have any obligation to continue to do these activities without collection/flow of fund.

e) Under these circumstances, the present committee having moral responsibilities and being a one of the member, would not like to abandon the layout and leaving the club unutilised. Accordingly, the proposal for maintenance charges and club membership communicated to respected members.

The maintenance charge was finalised by considering the scope of work involved, extent of area to be covered and duration period. The maintenance charge of Rs.4/Sft/Year inclusive of GST @ 18% proposed for a period of one year. Sufficient time given to members to come with registered RWA and its members to enable society for smooth handing over of the layout and no communication received in this regard. Members are requested to cooperate with representatives who can involve themselves in formation of RWA, continue to upkeep the layout and secure our layout from any intrusion.

f) Since the communication is not reached to few members and also the Committee has considered the request of members and it is once again appealed to those members who are due for payment of maintenance charges and clubhouse membership and considered for extension for making payment by 01.12.2020 without penalty and penalty will be charged after the extended date of 01.12.2020 onwards.

Maintenance Charges: @ Rs.4/Sft/Year inclusive of GST 18% (2020-21)

Site Dimension Last Date for payment without penalty 01.12.2020.
30 x 50 Rs.6000.00
40 x 60 Rs.9600.00
50 x 80 Rs.16000.00

The above payment to be made by all members i.e., BHEL employees & its shareholders, associate members and those owners who have purchased site from the members of the society.

Club member ship:

As informed in the AGM, providing full infrastructure and function of the club can be done through leasing out to agency having experience in the similar field.

Eligible Last Date for payment without penalty 01.12.2020.
Society & associate Members Rs.20,000.00
Non Society Members Rs.50,000.00

Before leasing out to the agency, the above amount collected by the members will be utilised for providing basic infrastructures for the club before entering into lease agreement with the agency. Further details regarding running of the club will be briefed in the coming AGM.

In case of non-receipt of maintenance charges from all the members by the cut-off date of 1.12.2020, society don’t have any other option to drop the above proposal and the amount received from members will be returned without any interest.

The present committee will concentrate for registration of the balance site. It is the responsibility of individual site owners to take care of their site from any other intrusion.

Forming of Registered Residential Welfare Association left to the members of society. The present committee will not have any further responsibility and obligation on these matters, no further queries will be entertained.

- sd-
General Secretary


Reasons for delay in getting final release of sites

Previously CUDA officials and its committee members were the sole authority to inspect and approve final release of sites. Now since for the past two years committee members not nominated due to political instability in Karnataka state government, causing delay in getting release of the sites. Officials of the CUDA have formed new rules and regulations for approving final release of sites, Now we have to get NOC from various government nominated members such as BESCOM, PWD, Horticulture, Kuwssb, Panchayath department etc., Since some of these departments are new to this work it is taking long time to get the NOC's from them.

However now inspections from above departments are under progress it is expected to get the release of sites within next few weeks. After that we shall announce for the registration of 61 pending sites tentatively by October end.

No Objection Certificate ( NOC)

The members who are intending to sell the site are requested to obtain NOC from the society, by paying NOC fee of Rs. 15000/- irrespective of the dimension, in cheque favouring "BHEL Officers Housing Co-operative Society Ltd " Obtaining NOC is mandatory as per the society Act.

Maintenance of the layout

The Maintenance period as per the contract is completed. For Further maintenance of the layout for 1 year, it has been fixed at Rs 4/- per sqft. Members are requested to make payment through cheque favouring "BHEL Officers Housing Co-Operative Society Ltd " and are requested to pay by revised to 1/12/2020.

Note: Members are requested to write, membership No. & name behind the cheque, the maintenance amount shall be as follows

• 30 * 50 site = Rs 6,000/-

• 40 * 60 site = Rs 9,600/-

• 50 * 80 site = Rs 16,000/-

• Dimension * Rs 4* 1 yr = X value . for dimensions other than the above.